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Submitted on
January 7, 2013


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Please help! Stompadon has 12 hours left on its kickstarter, and it is perilously close to not making it.

For the last week of Stompadon Kickstarter, here's a new Stompadon Kickstarter intro video!…

Please help signal boost this!!!

The Stompadon Kickstarter is go make a children's book about Stompadon and his adventures in protecting his family from the scary Grumpasaurus, and will have a super soft 8" plushie to go with it if it gets funded. Stompadon is a great little story for children of all ages, and as he protects his family and friends in the story, as a plushie he will protect you from monsters too.

The book: Stompadon Book by EatToast
the plush: :thumb344867695:

Kickstarter prizes range from limited run handmade Stompadon sculpey toys, original art prints, and commission paintings!

1 of 3 art prints: Jurassic Stompadon by EatToast

For once I would love if an original project of mine could get half the attention that any of my fanart projects get.

Here's the page!…

Stompadon Hatchling by EatToast
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I wonder if doing some kind of point giveaway to spread the word would help...I keep seeing those end up on the front page lately so it might garner some attention... :/ You know, another journal about the project and add that anyone who favorites the journal and/or spreads the word is entered in a drawing to win some points...

Blaah, just throwing out ideas here, if you think it'd help then we could go for it. I've got 300 points just sitting around that I don't know what to do with, and I can also offer free drawing requests as prizes. XD I just want this to get funded so bad! ;A;
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