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OTAKON WARES 2009 by EatToast OTAKON WARES 2009 by EatToast
hey everyone! here's a teaser of what i'll be selling at my half of :iconjenkristo: and i's table!

first off!

ROBOTS!made out of sculpey, hardware, and other cool bits i find here and there! all made with lots of metal! real robots! :D

the little ones, will run $4 each
the middle size ones, $10-15 each
the four big ones, will be $30-40 each.

if you want to reserve any of these, they're one of a kind, so let me know! i'll hold them for you to pick up at otakon, or ship them to you if you can't make it. BUT YOU HAVE TO TELL ME.


TETRIS! the game you never want to end. :) all of the small tetris and robots will come as your choice of necklace, clip, keychain, or magnet. :) tetris pieces will cost $2, but will cost .50 more for additional wares, like the ones mentioned above :)

FISH! they're cute! i have various ryunkin fish, panda moors, and black mores! will come on a chain. they're made of sculpey and tissue paper, with lots of coats of clear acrylic over it to make the fins hard but bendy. $7 each

ROBOT DINOSAURS! they kinda look like frogs :D they have wheel legs, and hardware in their tummies and eyes! oh my, it sounds horrible, but they like it. they'll also cost $4 each.

PRINTS! they're tiny thumbnails of what i'll have available! i'll do commissions, if you want them! prints will vary,

comics or single page cartoons, $6, or 2 for $10
better labor intensive arts, :D $10 each or 3 for $25.

* these all can come in black or white mattes, bagged and backed for an extra $7. :)

i hope you come visit us! enjoy the convention!!
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July 12, 2009
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